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family more suspicious, frustrated and angry, and most of all it destroys trust."
"When the health insurers own the hospitals it is a very bad combination. If they
acknowledge an injury they will have to provide proper aftercare to the
policyholder and also open themselves, and/or their doctors, up to a malpractice
lawsuit. But if their doctors are told to ""see nothing"" and the medical record
withheld, or manipulated to hide the injury, then they don't have to DO anything-at least until the Statute Of Repose expires, which can be seven long miserable
years. Or never, if the injury is of the expensive-to-treat variety and has been
allowed to progress past the point of no return while hung in limbo waiting for the
Statute Of Repose to expire."Go set these idiots straight. verdict is:This judge
and lawyers were paid well to defend Tort Reform as is and insist that corporations
do not influence decision makings in the judicial branch."I watched the YouTube Hot
Coffee videos. All that was missing was the U.S. red, white and blue flag
flying in the background as these professor attorneys blasted the documentary for
not offering a balanced discussion of issues presented. I've a couple of comments
on their comments. As a former reporter, I can tell you that stories that present
both sides of an argument equally are not fair either if there is say a 75%/25%
split on the issue. If one person disagrees and three people agree, do you weigh
both sides equally? In my opinion, you frame the disagreement as coming from a
smaller segment if you want to be ""fair and balanced."" My understanding of the
film having watched it is that it was a portrayal of specific cases and not an
overall discussion of the issues from all states. That's a different show. When did
you watch a movie about a murder or one person's tragedy and get a discussion about
what happens to other people in such circumstances all over the world? This is
absurd! However, their attitude was remarkably the same dead pan I get from most of
the attorneys I contact about taking my medmal case. They don't want to take cases
on contingency from those with no money (having spent it on the doctors that caused
harm). So instead of being frank, they play devil's advocate and start arguing for
the other side. Perhaps I'm speaking with attorneys who typically represent
malpractice insurers. They spoke about the judicial system as if everyone in
America has equal access regardless of social status and wealth or the lack
thereof, how the few ""bad apples"" comprise a negligible part of our society --so
minimal that it is hardly worth mentioning. They represent that judges are
typically fair, are not influenced by monetary contributions, and look only to the
law and the facts in deciding cases. And this is what they feel the documentary
""Hot Coffee"" should have portrayed. Give me a break!""The moderator acted like a
trial lawyer for the other side, and the panel of three were like his professional
witnesses.I noticed in episode 4, the subject was the damage cap that limited the
amount of damages in a very expensive medical injury. They switched to comparing
actual damages to punitive damages, talked about punitive damages for pain and
suffering, then agreed that punitive damages have less weight for awards. I guess
the only way they could defend the bad justice of caps on expenses was to change
the subject to punitive damages."Shameful... then the politicians point the finger
at Medicaid instead of the con artists ripping it and the taxpayers off.Yes Leslie
Cates...the taxpayer is owed the actual status of the licensee too BUT the Dental
Board that acknowledges the harmful patterns of the non compliant dentists they put
on probation and collect additional fees from REFUSE TO INFORM PATIENTS/PARENTS OF
PATIENTS in the dental office/dental chair of the history of Probationer Dentists
misconduct - of the increased risk of investing in this specific licensee."Tired of
giving up? Please go to Seriously...The heroes in our midst
never realize the footprints that they are leaving, while they are doing what they
feel is so very right to do.""Thanks for posting, Jeni.""Mike Shuster, DDS Money, Power, Greed, Corruption in
dentistry and society""Wow, that's quite a story. Thanks for
sharing!"This must be a very important matter to have 2 similar petitions out at
one time.Thank you Care2 for the petitions and thank you all for taking your
valuable time to sign them.This petition will be sent to the House and Senate.The