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Welcome to
Brain Codes to transform
your life
The Brain:
Master control
system of the
entire body
Research shows that about 87% of all
illness can be attributed to our
thought life, and approximately 13%
to diet, genetics, and environment.
Studies conclusively link chronic
diseases (also known as lifestyle
diseases) to an epidemic of toxic
emotions in our culture.
Toxic waste generated by your toxic thoughts
and emotions can cause the following
problems in the immune system.
Skin Problems
Crohn’s Disease
Chemical imbalance of the
brain can lead to:
Foggy thinking
Poor Memory
Your Brain Patterns Are The
Window To Your Health
Left Brain Dominant
Left Hemisphere style
Looks at parts
Right Brain Dominant
• Right Hemisphere
• Intuitive
• Subjective
• Holistic
• Synthesizing
• Looks at whole
The brain patterns are governed
by electro-magnetic fields
In the human brain, there are more
than several hundred million
neurons. In these neurons ion currents
The ion currents produce the magnetic
field. This magnetic field emerges out of
the head through the brain, the scalp
and the head.
Measuring the
Electromagnetic Field of Brain
Field of the Heart
These electromagnetic fields can
be compared to computer
They hold the memory/record of your
past programming and experiences –
both positive and negative.
Who Switched on
My Brain?
by Dr. Caroline
There is a growing body of scientific
evidence that suggests that the heart
communicates with the brain and
body energetically through
electromagnetic fields”.
Dorothy Espiau Ph.D.
Founder of the language of Geotran
The brain has at least eight “capacitortype” electrical centers located within.
These 8 capacitors are connected with
12 rings of the heart/mind connection.
These 12 rings are in constant communication
with our environment and continually relay the
information to the 8 capacitors.
The rings can be affected by many
causes including: nutrition, emotions,
posture, language habits, interaction
with other people , daily life activities,
trauma, and genetic or cellular memory.
The Brain listens to the
information coming from the
brain rings and reproduces the
information in our lives
Just like a computer receives
information from a computer
program disk.
is the language
that will allow
you to correct
the “glitches”
in your life
• Digital, Numeric,
• Language that
speaks directly to
the electromagnetic
(information) fields
Numbers are a precise language
Plato – Greek Philosopher
Any attempt to describe
life through language is
an abstraction at best.
When we do however,
numbers are the way to
do so”
Pythagoras –
father of Mathematics
Numbers are the
language of the
All is arranged
according to
The language of
computers is
Binary Code
Dr. Carl Jung
Numbers are the
archetype of order
Numbers are used by
the Unconscious
mind to create order
John Von Neumann
Atomic Energy Commission
Lecturer: Yale University Silliman Lectures
When we talk about
Mathematics, we may
be discussing a
secondary language,
built on the primary
language used by the
central nervous
by Dr. Richard
The language of the brain is a digital
language. The nervous system transmits
and receives information through messages
that are digitally encoded in the number of
nerve firings per second.
Chinese Medicine – Wu-Xing
Electro-Meridian Imaging
Changes in the
meridians can
commonly be
observed after a
Geotran integration.
Spin Points
Success Point
Positive Points
GEOTRAN integrates the
information on the brain rings and
creates “new pathways to potential.
With GEOTRAN you can
Become the
person you have
always dreamed
you could be!
With GEOTRAN you can learn to
Think more clearly
Build self-esteem
Improve co-ordination
Conquer fear/phobias/
• Reduce learning stress
affecting the physical
body, creating health
• Overcome Dyslexia and
other scholastic learning
And much, much more!
The procedures and techniques discussed
on the DVD are for educational purposes
only. The author and Geotran
International do not directly or indirectly
present any part of this work as a diagnosis,
prescription or treatment for any health condition.
Persons using these procedures do so for
educational purposes only.
For Additional
Information Contact:
Dr. Kam Kettering
(717) 464-0006