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Electromagnetic Levitator
Advisor: Professor Oliaei
Customer: Professor Hyers R.
Team Members: Samuel Alpert, Sodhan Patel, Kin Wong, Yi Chen
An electromagnetic levitator uses induced currents to
suspend and heat a spherical metal sample while avoiding
contamination due to contact with a container.
Our levitator consists of a simple coil driven with an
alternating current of a few hundred amps at a frequency of hundreds
of kHz. This high current is often produced in a resonant “tank”
circuit, which must be driven by an RF power supply. This levitator
will be used by undergraduate and graduate students in engineering
here at Umass.
Project Update
 Calculations
Resistance and Inductance in coil
 Simulations
MATLAB Simulink
 Circuitry
Current and Voltage Sensor
Handyboard Code