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Ceramic Coil Pots
Objective: Students will understand and apply the
hand building method of coil construction. Students
will learn clay vocabulary and apply those skills to
the lesson.
LessonStudents will have the option of creating a 3-Dimensional clay coil
vase/container/or tea pot using coil construction. Students will learn ceramic vocabulary
and continue to work on fine motor skills.
Green ware, Bisque ware, Scoring, Wedging, Glaze, Slab, Kiln, Leather hard, and Slip
Project Requirements
 The entire pot will be made out of clay!
 You will be using the slab roller to create the base of the vase.
 Must include at two or more types of a coil design (pattern).
 Must be an interesting design and include details. (Lid or handles)
 After your vases are fired we will use glaze to paint our vases to make
them food safe.
 Must be an original, come up with your OWN design.
This will be worth 50 points and you will be graded on the following:
 Creativity
 Craftsmanship- quality of the construction (does it stay
together, see the joints?)
 Time and Effort-did you use your in class time wisely.
Also will have…..
 Written Critique/Evaluation and Quiz on Ceramic Vocabulary.