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Guidelines and Assignments (Dec 6, 2016)
Topic: “Epigenetic regulation in cancer--a focus on DNA methylation and gene
silencing” (you are prohibited from using X chromosome as an example ! )
Instructors: 呂政展老師 & 蔣輯武老師
Prepare powerpoint slides in a CD (each presentation should be labeled by the
names of the contributors, 10-12 slides suggested for each presentation) for no more
than 10 min presentation time, turn in one copy of the CD to 呂政展老師 in Dept of
Pathology(x 2641 病理科) and one copy of the CD to 蔣輯武老師( X 3637), no later
than 1 PM on Monday (Dec. 5 逾時扣分). 請班代負責收齊所有組的報告檔再一
1. It is preferable to answer those questions with examples and figures.
2. It is highly recommended that these examples have background information (ie,
introduction), purposes of the study, methods used to answer the specific aims,
results, the interpretation and the conclusion obtained.
3. The sources (ie, cited references) of examples should be given at the bottom of the
each powerpoint slide. 4. The references should be included in the CD. Note that it is
strongly recommended not to use Wikipedia. If you have any questions, please
address to 呂政展老師 at [email protected] or ext. 2641 or to 蔣輯武老師 at
[email protected] ext 3637
Assigned questions of individual groups of IMM and MT
1. (MT1) A. How is the 5-mC distributed within the human genome? B. Do all
human genes have CpG island at their promoters? C. How bisulfite treatment may
affect the CpG methylation status? D. What methods can be used to detect the
methylation status of DNA? Please describe at least four different methods which
must include one using next generation sequencing (NGS). And explain its principle
and its mechanistic action.
2. (IMM1) There is an inverse correlation between DNA methylation and gene
expression and transcription. This has been unambiguously demonstrated in cancer
cells. Does this DNA methylation also occur in normal tissues (Note : Don’t use X
chromosome as an example !)? If so, please give an example and show the relevant
molecular mechanisms and evidence.
3. (MT2 ) and (IMM2) How DNA methylation (not histone methylation) may
affect the gene expression? Different molecular mechanisms have been identified,
please give a little bit detailed explanation of their molecular mechanisms; give
examples to illustrate your points.
(MT3 ) Different DNA methyltransferases (DNMTs) are known to mediate the
various DNA methylation processes. Please describe their specific functions and roles
in the DNA methylation and their mechanisms.
5. (IMM3) There is molecular link and evidence that histone modifications may be
linked to DNA methylation. Please give an example to illustrate this event.
6. (MT4) What is CpG island methylator phenotype (CIMP)? What are the
characteristics of the CIMP? What diseases are associated with CIMP?
7. (IMM4) In a given cancer, can both gene mutations and gene silencing by DNA
methylation occur simultaneously in a given cancer tissue? Please use examples to
describe how the patterns of both these processes may resemble or differ from each
other in targets, signal pathways, cancer subtypes, etc.