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MethylMix summary
MethylMix is an algorithm that identifies functional differentially methylated genes
in cancer. It integrates DNA methylation from normal and cancer samples and
matched cancer gene expression data via a three-step algorithm:
 Step (i): Identifying the methylation state of each CpG site or cluster. We
applied univariate Gaussian mixture modeling to identify subgroups of
patients with similar DNA methylation level for a specific CpG site or cluster.
(A CpG cluster is defined as a set of highly correlated CpG sites for a single
gene). Each mixture component is referred to as a “methylation state” and
represented by its mean methylation level.
 Step (ii): Defining hyper- and hypo-methylated cancer CpG sites or clusters
relative to normal. To determine if a specific CpG site or cluster is hypo- or
hyper-methylated in cancer, we compare the methylation levels of each
methylation state (from step (i)) to the mean of the DNA methylation levels
of normal tissue samples, using a rank sum test.
 Step (iii) Identifying functionally relevant methylation. In MethylMix, each CpG
site/cluster is associated with its closest gene. MethylMix requires that the
DNA methylation levels of a CpG site/cluster has a significant effect on its
corresponding gene expression in order for the gene to considered a
methylation-driven gene.