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Biotechnology Need To Know List
This is for both chapters 13 & 14, so you better get started. You are to use the textbook, class
activities and notes to know as much as possible about these concepts. Be as specific and
complete as you can! Not everything here will be covered in class, nor is everything in the
textbook. You must READ, PARTICIPATE, TAKE NOTES and STUDY!!
All vocabulary from chapters 13 & 14 plus introduced in class! (A big part of the test!)
What selective breeding produces.
Examples of hybridization
The ultimate source of genetic variability
How breeders maintain the desired traits of an organism
Why polyploidy instantly produces a new plant species
How to recognize a diagram of DNA cut by a restriction enzyme
What DNA analysis by gel electrophoresis allows researchers to do
The technique used to make many copies of a gene
What genetic engineering involves
The technique of DNA sequencing
How a recombinant plasmid gets inside a bacterial cell
What is most often used as a genetic marker in plasmids
The advantage of producing transgenic plants
The technique of cloning (sheep example)
The breeding practice most likely to bring together two recessive alleles
How scientists produced oil-eating bacteria
The function of gel electrophoresis
The technique of combining DNA from different sources
What knowing the sequence of an organism’s DNA allows researchers to do
The technique of transformation in both bacteria and plants
How a gene marker is used to distinguish transformed bacteria
When transformation of a plant cell is considered successful
The relationship between genetic engineering and transgenic organisms
Sex determination in humans
What a pedigree allows a researcher to do
Inheritance of PKU, ABO blood type, sex-linked traits, Huntington’s, Tay-Sachs &
Down syndrome
The cause of cystic fibrosis at the genetic level
How chromosomes 21 and 22 are unique
Why Barr bodies are visible in only female cells
The importance of the X chromosome other than determining sex
The basis for DNA fingerprinting
How the human genome was sequenced
The technique of gene therapy
The cause of sickle cell disease
The technique of DNA probing
Interpret diagrams of gel electrophoresis, cloning, a pedigree, and a karyotype