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WEEK OF 2/10 – 2/14
Describe the relationship between DNA, genes, and chromosomes.
Describe the structure of DNA.
Describe the structure of a nucleotide.
Explain how restriction enzymes cut DNA.
Describe how gel electrophoresis separates DNA fragments.
Recognize that gel electrophoresis can be used to examine DNA differences
between individuals.
Demonstrate how restriction enzymes work.
Demonstrate the steps of gel electrophoresis and analyze the resulting restriction
fragment length polymorphisms (RFLPs)
MONDAY – Activity 1.1.5
Create class evidence boards
Review Unit 1.1 for quiz tomorrow
TUESDAY – Unit 1.1 Open-note Quiz
Introduction to 1.2 DNA Analysis
Notes on DNA
Activity 1.2.1 (start)
WEDNESDAY – Activity 1.2.1 (finish)
Unit 1.2 Essential Questions #1-3
Activity 1.2.2 (start)
THURSDAY – Activity 1.2.2 (finish)
Sources of DNA evidence
Notes on PCR and gel electrophoresis
Activity 1.2.3 (start)
FRIDAY – Activity 1.2.3 (finish)
Unit 1.2 Essential Questions #4-8
Review for Unit 1.2 Open-note Quiz on Tuesday