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Genetic Engineering
Genetic Engineering
.. Genetic Modification
Make changes in DNA code by Insert or delete
specific genes
 Use modern molecular biology techniques.
1) Recombinant DNA
Aka .. Gene Splicing
made by combining DNA from > 1 source
(often from very different species)
2) Gel electrophoresis
An electric current
smaller fragments faster
larger ones – slower
DNA fragments
move to
positive end
DNA on
3)Transgenic organisms
carries a foreign gene, deliberately inserted into its genome.
transgenic animal
Mice--- so immune sys
more like humans- can
study ‘em
Livestock --- leaner meat
transgenic plant
Soybeans/corn/crops --- to
produce nat insecticiside so
don’t have to be sprayed
Improved Nutritional
Insect Resistance
Disease Resistance
Drought Tolerance
4) Cloning
Clone --- genetically identical
replacing the nucleus of an unfertilized ovum with the
nucleus of a body cell from the organism.
first adult mammal cloned
was Dolly in 1997
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5) DNA Fingerprinting
Compare genetic similarities/differences b/w individuals.
often used to ID source of blood / tissue found at crime
Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR)
6) Gene Therapy
the insertion of normal or genetically altered genes into cells
usually to replace defective genes (cancer & genetic disorders)
Eye cancer
My lab experience…….
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