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Unit 6
What Animal is This?
Genetic Engineering
The addition, deletion, or changing of DNA in order to get a
desired trait in an organism.
Genetic Engineering Techniques
1) DNA Restriction Enzyme
– Splices DNA at the desired gene in an organism
2) PCR of desired gene
– Replicate DNA over and over
3) Put gene in bacteria
– Brings DNA to other organism’s cells
4) Screening for Phenotype
– Hope DNA made it to the right spot…
Uses of Genetic Engineering (GE)/Genetically
Modified Organisms (GMO)
■ Agriculture
■ Animals
■ Medicine and pharmaceutical
■ Gene therapy
■ Human Interest
■ Desired traits are picked and used to breed
■ DNA is physically changed for traits
■ All business’ want more MONEY
a) Plants that survive freezing temperatures
b) Plants resistant to pests
c) Flavor Savor tomato
d) Bigger products
■ Desired traits are picked and used to breed
■ DNA is physically changed for traits
a) Cows with the most muscle are selected to breed
b) Chickens without feathers
■ DNA change in bacteria to make human insulin for diabetics
Gene Therapy
■ Healthy genes used to treat patients
■ Healthy genes adds healthy protein to body– this is good!
Human Interest
■ Cloning
– 1996: first mammal cloned (Dolly the sheep)
■ Designer babies
– Pick traits of offspring
■ Ethical issues
■ Unknown effects
Genetic Engineers
As a genetic engineer, you'll alter genes in order to improve the biological capabilities of
humans, plants and animals. In this field, your main goal is to help people lead quality
lives. As a gene therapist, you'll treat human patients with genetic illnesses. Otherwise,
you might work in a non-medical environment as a biochemist or biophysicist, exploring
living organisms such as plants used as food crops. You'll typically work full-time with a
consistent schedule. Salary ranges from $70,000-$190,000.
Major-Health Science, Biology, etc.