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HC70A Winter 2006
Genetic Engineering in
Agriculture, and Law
Professor Bob Goldberg
Class Announcements
Crisis in US Science &
HC70AL Spring 2006
Gene Discovery Laboratory
Professor Bob Goldberg
M 6-8
TTh 2-6
Send Me An Email Indicating That You
Would Like To
Take the Lab and Have
A “Real-Life” Science Experience
Go To
Take-Home Exam
& Oral Mid-Term Exam
•Exam Out - Today
•Questions Due - 3/2
•Mid-Term Oral - 3/2
•Rules & Fail Safe
Discussion Tomorrow
•Play -When Science Takes the
Witness Stand -- DNA Testing
& Criminal Cases
Law School
Murphy Hall
Review of Last Lecture
•How Do DNA & Genes Replicate?
•The Double Helix
•Genetic Engineering & The PCR Revolution!
•Kerry Mullis & PCR - The Movie!
Text Reading
•Chapter 2 - Genes & Gene Activity
•Chapter 4 - Proteins
•Chapter 11 - Medical Biotechnology
Handout Reading
•The Molecular Genetics of Hemophilia**
•Your Genes Your Choices
•Genomes.Org - The Human Genome
Project Information
•Should We Make a Fuss? A Case for
Social Responsibility in Science
•Rising Above the Gathering Storm & Is
America Flunking Science?
•Mutations, Pedigrees, & Genetic Diversity
•Genes To Proteins
•The Genetic Code & Genetic Engineering
•DNA vs. RNA
•Gene Activity in Bacteria & Eukaryotes
•One Gene-Many Proteins-Relevance to
Humans & Chimps!
•Yo-It’s All in the Sequences!-Modules &
Genetic Engineering!
•From Pedigree To Gene To Drug-A Case