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Genetic Engineering
LO: I will know about the ethical issues raised with Genetic Engineering
Revision techniques – The good, the ok and the useless:
Genetic engineering in the news
• Read the news article ‘Designer baby couple
appeal for son’s life’ on page 156 of your AS
textbook. Read articles on page 157 as well.
Write down 3 or more bullet points on what the article is about
Write down one thing you have learnt
Write down one thing that you disagreed with / would challenge.
Write down a question that the article left you asking
▫ Remember to keep thinking about how ethical
theories relate to this issue.
What is Genetic engineering?
• Genes are the basic building blocks of life, the
blueprint for each living organism.
▫ It is possible to extract a single gene from the
laboratory and manipulate that gene before
replacing it in the cell it came from. It is also
possible to put a gene into a different living
▫ Genetic engineering is the process of artificially
manipulating genes.
Another example
Debate – Use page158-159 to help
• ‘Genetic engineering goes against nature and
God. It is dangerous and should be stopped.’
▫ What are the advantages?
▫ Why are people so concerned?
▫ What right has anyone to manipulate genes?
Ethical theories
• In groups, using Oliphant textbooks (Ch. 9 pg.
• Revision sheet outlining Natural
law/Kant/Utilitarianism/Christian ethics view of
genetic engineering and embryo research.
• Have these ready to show in tomorrow’s lesson