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What is Biotechnology?
“a collection of technologies that
use living cells and/or biological
molecules to solve problems and
make useful products”
An Evolving Idea
Genetic Engineering: a process that alters an
organism’s genetic information.
This process involves taking a gene or piece
of DNA from one organism, manipulating the
gene or DNA, and putting it into a second,
different organism.
Organisms that contain genes from a
different species are called Transgenic
Medical Biotech
Used to create medicines, treat
diseases, and research genetic
Biotech Medicines
Since 1982 over 95
biotech medicines
have been approved
by the FDA.
Used to treat heart
disease, diabetes,
cystic fibrosis,
various infections,
and cancer.
Work in a variety of
different ways.
Human Gene Therapy
Gene therapy:an experimental procedure
aimed at replacing, manipulating, or
supplementing nonfunctional or
malfunctioning genes with healthy genes.
When conducting gene therapy, scientists
must insert the replacement genes into the
appropriate cells. Then scientists must make
sure that they are in the correct place.
The Human Genome Project
Project that aims to
identify all the
~300,000 genes in
human DNA.
Was scheduled to
take 15 years, but in
2003 scientists
announced the
completion of the
Of the 300,000
Hopes to improve
our understanding
of genetic mutations
that lead to diseases
such as Alzheimer’s
and Parkinson’s
Ethical Issues in Use of
Are genetically engineered crops safe to
How far should we go in the genetic
engineering of humans?
Who has the right to your genetic