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B.E Pruitt & Jane J. Stein
Chapter 9, part B
Biotechnology and Recombinant DNA
Genetic Engineering
Figure 9.11.1
Genetic Engineering
Figure 9.11.2
Making a Gene Product
Figure 9.12.1
Making a Gene Product
Figure 9.12.2
E. coli
• Used because it is easily grown and its genomics are
• Need to eliminate endotoxin from products
• Cells must be lysed to get product
Making a Gene Product
Figure 9.13
Therapeutic Applications
• Subunit vaccines
• Nonpathogenic viruses carrying genes for pathogen's
antigens as vaccines
• Gene therapy to replace defective or missing genes
• Human Genome Project
• Nucleotides have been sequenced
• Human Proteome Project may provide diagnostics
and treatments
Random Shotgun Sequencing
Figure 9.14
Scientific Applications
• Understanding of
• Sequencing
• DNA fingerprinting
for identification
Figure 9.16
Southern Blotting
Figure 9.15.1
Southern Blotting
Figure 9.15.2
Southern Blotting
Figure 9.15.3
Agricultural Applications
Table 9.2
Genetic Engineering Using Agrobacterium
Figure 9.18
Safety Issues and Ethics
• Avoid accidental release
• Genetically modified crops must be safe for
consumption and for the environment
• Who will have access to an individual's genetic