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Sixth Grade - Science
Third 6 weeks
Key Understandings:
Unit 5 – Levels of Organization in Living Systems
Systems are made of different parts.
The cells is the basic unit of life in organisms
Structure determines function
Systems can be combined to serve a function
Each level of organization has a set of functions that serve the organization
There are different levels or organization within an organism.
1. Function – purpose
2. Structure – the way something is put together
Unit 6 - Genes
 Within the nucleus of a cell, chromosomes composed of DNA contain al genetic
information which determines the inherited traits passed from parents to offspring.
 Genes that are composed of DNA can be dominant or recessive and determine traits.
 Changes in genetic or inherited traits can occur over several generations through natural
occurrence and selective breeding.
1. Evolution – theory, based on scientific evidence that describes how organisms change
over many generations