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Discover Biology 5th Ed. Anu Singh-Cundy & Michael Cain, C17 Vocabulary Definitions
1 adaptation; 2 adaptive trait; 3 allele; 4 analogous; 5 artificial selection; 6 biological evolution;
7 continental drift; 8 convergent evolution; 9 differential reproduction; 10 fossil; 11 gene flow;
12 gene pool; 13 genetic drift; 14 genetic variation; 15 genotype; 16 homologous;
17 macroevolution; 18 microevolution; 19 mutation; 20 natural selection; 21 Pangaea;
22 sexual recombination; 23 speciation; 24 vestigial organ
1. evolutionary process by which a population as a whole becomes better matched to its habitat
2. genetic characteristics that enable individuals to function well in a competitive environment &
become more common among descendants
3. DNA variants produced by mutation
4. shared characteristics due to convergent evolution rather than by common descent
5. process in which only individuals with certain inherited characteristics were allowed to breed
6. a change in overall inherited traits of a group of organisms over multiple generations
7. process in which Earth’s continents move over time; plate tectonics
8. process in which natural selection causes distantly related organisms to evolve similar traits
9. In the struggle for survival, traits of the fittest will be better represented in future generations
10. preserved remains, or the impressions thereof, of formally living organisms
11. movement of genes from one population to another
12. sum of all the genetic information carried by all the individuals in a population
13. random process that, by sheer accident, causes individuals with a unique set of traits to die
off, while others with a different set of traits survive and reproduce
14. DNA-based differences in observable traits in a population
15. allelic makeup of an individual
16. features of organisms related to one another through common descent
17. study of history of life from perspective of speciation & large-scale consequences of change
18. at population levels those evolutionary changes occurring over relatively short time periods
19. random or environmentally induced changes in DNA sequences
20. a nonrandom evolutionary process that adapts a population to its environment
21. giant continent about 250 million yrs ago in which all of Earth’s landmasses were joined
22. alleles generated by mutation are grouped in new arrangements by crossing-over,
independent assortment of chromosomes, & by fertilization
23. repeated splitting of 1 species into 2 or more new species
24. inherited features of no use or apparent function/ value due to reduction or degeneration