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Themes of BiologyLife is characterized by having the presence of all of
these properties at some stage in an organism’s life
(activity - flip book)
1. Cellular Structure & Function
•All living things are made up of one or more cells
•Cell is the smallest unit of function
2. Reproduction
•All living things reproduce offspring
3. Metabolism
• All living things need energy to grow, move, &
process info
• All chemical reactions that take place in the body
• All energy comes from the sun
4. Homeostasis
• All living organisms must live in a stable
5. Heredity
• traits/genes are passed down from parents
6. Evolution
• Change in inherited traits over time
• Favorable genes are more likely to
survive & reproduce
7. Interdependence
• Organisms interact with other
organisms & the environment
• ECOLOGY = studies these interactions