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Genetic Inheritance: Punnett Squares, Probability, and Genetic Complications
Holt Science & Technology Life Science, Chapter 5: Section 2
“Genius is 99% perspiration and 1% inspiration” ~Thomas Edison
Disclaimer: Anything listed on this sheet is fair game for the test. It may not appear in the exact words, or in
this order, and some things may be omitted on the actual test.
I will focus on your understanding of difficult concepts. This means I will most likely give you hypothetical,
real world situations or examples and ask you to explain what is happening.
I am giving this to you ahead of time so that you
can ask questions on anything you are confused
Memorizing definitions without understanding them will NOT help you do well on the test. You
must know how to apply the vocabulary to an example or situation.
Things to Understand and Be Able to Apply and Identify in a Given Situation :
Heredity, how offspring inherit traits
incomplete dominance
Know how to use Punnett Squares to calculate probabilities.
Are genes the only factors influencing traits? Be able to explain using examples.
How are genes different from alleles?
Be able to describe genetic complications other than incomplete dominance– many traits, one gene
– many genes, many traits
Mitosis, asexual reproduction of cells
Meiosis, sexual reproduction of cells