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Review cell structure.
Name ________________________________ Date _______________ Period _____
1. Compare and contrast eukaryotic and prokaryotic cells. You can add more features.
2. What is the difference between plant and animal cell?
3. Describe the function and structure of membrane
4. List 4 kinds of organic molecules and their building blocks. Examples of these molecules
5. Who was one of the first persons to observe live cells?
6. List all statements of the cell theory
7. Order of structures in living things, from the simplest to the most complex. Examples of organs
8. Function and structure of membrane
9. Which organelles are a) covered with double membranes b) not covered by membrane c) deal with
Fill in the blanks
1. The sites of protein synthesis
2. Transports materials within the cell
3. The region inside the cell where organelles are located
4. Organelle that manages or controls all the cell functions in a eukaryotic
5. Contains chlorophyll, a green pigment that traps energy from sunlight
and gives plants their green color
6. Digests excess or worn-out cell parts, food particles and invading
viruses or bacteria
7. Firm, protective structure that gives the cell its shape in plants, fungi,
most bacteria and some protests
8. Produces a usable form of energy for the cell
9. Packages proteins for transport out of the cell
10. Site where ribosomes are made
Cell Part
11. Name for the collection of DNA in the nucleus of eukaryotic cells
12. Composed of a phospholipid bilayer
13. Maze of folded membranes where proteins are produced
14. maze of folded membranes where lipids are produced
Circle the correct option and justify your answer
This is a plant / animal cell because it has / does not have
1. ____________________ 2._________________________ 3. _________________________
This is a prokaryotic / eukaryotic cell because it has / does not have
1. ____________________ 2._________________________ 3. _________________________
Color each organelle according to the color code and answer questions on the back. Color code for organelles
Chromatin (draw)
Nuclear envelope
Pores in the envelope
ER rough
ER smooth
Golgi apparatus
Cell membrane
Dark blue
List all the colors that make