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Name _______________________________________________________
Study Guide: Modern Genetics
Date _______________________
Directions: Complete the guide below by either entering the missing vocabulary term(s) or the description.
multiple alleles
Three or more forms of a
single gene (The ABO blood
group gene has multiple
Traits produced by multiple
genes acting together (Eye
color, hair color, and height are
examples of polygenetic traits.)
What factors might influence
the expression of a gene?
These are the sex chromosomes.
Among other things they code for
the production of hormones that
make males - males and females –
females. In humans the sex
chromosomes are the 23rd pair.
What are the sex
chromosomes for a male?
What are the sex
chromosomes for a female?
What is a sex-linked trait?
What is special about a
pedigree chart used by
What is a genetic disorder?
Can genetic disorders be
What is amniocentesis?
During amniocentesis a small
amount of fluid (amniotic fluid)
from around the developing fetus
is extracted using a syringe. Fetal
cells from the fluid are analyzed to
see if there are any chromosomal
A tool used by geneticists to
discover genetic disorders. A
sample of genetic material is taken
from a white blood cell. The
chromosomes are isolated,
organized in pairs, photographed
and studied.
They help couples understand
their chances of having a child
with a genetic disorder.
What is selective breeding?
Why has selective breeding
been practiced by farmers
and animal breeders?
A technique used to produce an
organism that is genetically
identical to the organism from
which it was produced.
Involves removing a nucleus from
an egg cell, replacing it with the
nucleus of the organism to be
cloned, and placing the egg cell
with its new nucleus into a
compatible or the same female for
What is the procedure for
cloning an organism?
What is genetic
How is genetic engineering
What is gene therapy?
Involves extracting DNA from
bodily fluids, hair, and/or skin and
using it to create a pattern of
images of DNA sequences that are
unique to every individual except
for identical twins.
Why is DNA fingerprinting
Used to identify the DNA
sequence of every gene on
every chromosome in a
human cell (a genome).
What was the importance of
sequencing the genes in a
human genome?