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Name: ___________________________________
Living Things
Part I: Using you flashcards, match each word in Column B with its meaning in
Column A.
Column A
Column B
____1. Basic unit of structure of all living things
A. arthropod
____2. Animal with a backbone
B. nucleus
____3. Tiny organism made up of one cell
C. invertebrate
____4. Animal without a backbone
D. cell membrane
____5. Jelly-like substance that fills most of the
space in a cell
E. chloroplast
____6. Animal that has legs with several joints
F. microorganism
____7. Part of the plant cell that contains chlorophyll
____8. Thin layer that encloses and gives shape to any
G. cell wall
H vertebrate
____9. A cell’s control center
I. cytoplasm
____10. A structure that keeps a cell rigid and
provides support to an entire plant
J. cell
Part II: Using your flashcards, write in the answer to the questions below.
____ 11. A worm does not have a spine and is an example of _________.
____12. Scientists use _______________to observe a microorganism?
____13. __________________ is the “brain” of plant and animal cells?
____14. Humans have backbones. This means they are ___________.
____15. _________________ is the “powerhouse” of the cell and provides energy?
____16. The green pigment that plants need to make food is ________.
____ 17. Ants, crabs, and spiders have exoskeletons and called are _________.
Part III: Use the terms in the word bank to label the diagram below (write the
name of each part on the line provided).
cell membrane