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Professor Charles J Dorman Short CV • Professor (Chair) of Microbiology, Trinity College Dublin (TCD) since 1994 • Head of the School of Genetics and Microbiology TCD 2008-­‐2011; 2014-­‐ • Chair of Publications, Microbiology Society, London 2015-­‐ • SFI Principal Investigator since 2003 • Research Director, School of Genetics and Microbiology TCD 2005-­‐2008 • Head of the Department of Microbiology TCD 1994-­‐2002; 2013-­‐2014 • Lecturer in Biochemistry, Biochemistry Dept, Dundee University UK 1992-­‐94 • Royal Society Research Fellow, Biochemistry Dept, Dundee University UK 1988-­‐94 • Postdoctoral Fellow, Biochemistry Dept, Dundee University UK 1984-­‐88 • PhD in Microbial Genetics, TCD 1985 • BSc (First Class) in Microbiology, University College Dublin 1981 Research Our research lies at the nexus of bacterial nucleoid structure, DNA topology and the global control of gene expression in Gram-­‐negative pathogens. There is a strong emphasis on the roles of nucleoid-­‐associated proteins, especially H-­‐NS and Fis, in these processes. We use whole-­‐genome and individual-­‐gene methods to discover the principles that govern nucleoid organisation and gene expression control. We also study the regulatory mechanisms that evolve following acquisition by a bacterium of new genes through horizontal gene transfer. Above: detection of H-­‐NS protein binding to the entire chromosome of Salmonella by chromatin immuno-­‐
precipitation. The highest peaks correspond to horizontally-­‐
acquired genes. Left: The H-­‐NS-­‐like protein encoded by the horizontally-­‐acquitred sfh gene binds to an extended sequence with structural similaries to those preferred by H-­‐
NS itself and the Fis protein (see SC Dillon ADS Cameron CJ Dorman. 2010. Mol Microbiol 76:1250-­‐1265). Right: H-­‐NS TCD
binds and silences the A+T-­‐rich gfp gene but not the re-­‐engineered gfp gene with reduced A+T content (Corcoran CP, ADS Cameron, CJ Dorman. 2010. J Bacteriol 192: 4790-­‐4793). Publications Fitzgerald S, Dillon SC, Chao TC, Wiencko HL, Hokamp K, Cameron AD, Dorman CJ. 2015. Scientific Reports 5:17653. Quinn H, Cameron AD, Dorman CJ. 2014. PloS Genetics 10:e1004215. Dorman CJ. 2013. Nature Reviews Microbiology 11:349-­‐355. Kröger C et al. 2012. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 109:E1277-­‐E1286. Dillon SC, Dorman CJ. 2010. Nature Reviews Microbiology 8:949-­‐959. Dorman CJ. 2007. Nature Reviews Microbiology 5:157-­‐161. Doyle M et al. 2007. Science 315:251-­‐252. Dorman CJ. 2004. Nature Reviews Microbiology 2:391-­‐400. Address Department of Microbiology, Moyne Institute of Preventive Medicine, Trinity College, Dublin 2, Ireland. Tel +353 1 8962013; Fax +353 1 6799294; E-­‐mail: [email protected]