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NAME ______________________________________________
Due 2/18/14
CH11 In class assignment
1. Initials of defective protein in individuals with cystic fibrosis CFTR
3. Separates DNA into fragments by using an electrical current through a
4. Circular DNA commonly inserted into bacteria to allow for
multiplication- PLASMID
6. Number of loci that the FBI needs from a suspect's DNA- THIRTEEN
10. Organism that contains DNA from a different species- TRANSGENIC
11. Series of reactions that multiply the amount of DNA in a lab settingPCR
2. DNA that contains genes from different organisms- RECOMBINANT
5. Bt gene damages this system of insects, but not mammals- DIGESTIVE
7. The process of bacteria picking up pieces of DNA from the environmentTRANSFORMATION
8. Enzymes that cut DNA at specific nucleotide sequences- RESTRICTION
9. Contains only genetic info and a protein coat, but can lyse a cellVIRUS
Answer the following questions based on the lecture videos/book. The order of the questions matches
the order of the info presented in the videos.
1) Place the steps of producing transgenic plants in chronological order:
______3____ Plasmids carrying the Bt gene multiply inside the bacterial cell.
_____2_____ Ligases permanently bind the Bt gene to a plasmid’s DNA.
_____4_____ Bacterium inserts plasmid DNA into a plant cell’s DNA.
____1____ Restrictive enzymes cut complimentary sections on both the Bt gene and a plasmid
2) When a restriction enzyme cuts a piece of DNA, portions of the ends are single stranded. Another term
for these single stranded sections is:
a) “single ends”
b) “lonely ends”
c) “sticky ends”
d) “fragmented ends”
3) In order to produce a transgenic animal, DNA must be injected into the __________________.
a) unfertilized egg
b) unfertilized sperm
c) zygote (fertilized egg)
d) fetus during the 3rd trimester
4) The 21,000 genes of the human genome account for only _____ of the DNA in a cell.
a) 2%
b) 10%
c) 20%
d) 40%
5) When restriction enzymes cut into a normal allele for the globin gene it will cut it into:
a) one very large piece of DNA
b) a small piece of DNA and a large piece of DNA
6) Treating cystic fibrosis patients with a viral nasal spray containing normal CFTR protein has been
shown to cure their cystic fibrosis.
a) True
b) False
7) SCID is a disorder of the immune system in which the child does not produce the enzyme:
a) guanine deaminase
b) thymine deaminase
c) cytosine deaminase
d) adenosine deaminase
8) Transgenic crops can be harmful to people with allergies if the donor genes come from an allergen. In
the video, I mentioned that soybeans containing genes of Brazilian ________ caused allergic reactions in
some people.
a) cats
b) nuts
c) ragweed
d) corn
9) A way to avoid transgenic animals from replacing native populations is to make the transgenic
a) diseased
b) deformed
c) sterile
d) asexual
10) Currently, there are no ethical limitations on selecting for desirable traits of an offspring while the
fetus is still in utero.
a) True
b) False