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Consists of the nuclear envelope, nucleolus,
chromatin, necleoplasm.
The office maintains the classrooms, teachers, students,
and staff just like the nucleus controls how the cell runs
its self.
Cell membrane
The cell membrane is the boundary layer that chemicals
pass through the cell.
The classrooms are like the cell membrane because they
are like the inner layer.
The cytoplasm maintains shape, the consistency of the
cell, and provides suspension for the organelles.
The cytoplasm is like the mortar because it hold
everything in place.
Golgi Apparatus
The golgi apparatus makes chemicals smaller to work
better and stores chemicals.
The lunchroom is like the golgi apparatus because it is
next to the nucleus.
The mitochondria releases energy from their food and is the
site of cellular respiration.
Locker rooms
The locker rooms are like the mitochondria because
they are at both end of the cell.
The ribosome are the site of the protein synthesis.
The student are like the student because they are all
around the rough ER.
Rough ER
The rough ER transports chemicals between cells.
The rough ER is like bullies because bullies push people
around and the rough ER pushes chemicals around.
Smooth ER
The smooth ER provides spacer for the chemicals to
move through.
The teacher are like the smooth ER because they
keep the chemicals/ students in order.
Cell Wall
The cell wall provides protection for the cell and
provides support.
He building is like the cell wall because the building
provides safety and protection.
The chloroplast is the site of photosynthesis.
Guidance Counselor
The guidance counselor is like the chloroplast because
there is two of them and they help the office keep us
Central Vacuole
The central vacuole stores and water and various
The gym is like the central vacuole because it is very big
and is our main room.