Download Biology Final Exam Review Topic 2: The Cell I. Definition: . II. Cell

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Biology Final Exam Review Topic 2: The Cell
II. Cell Theory has three parts:
1. _______________________________________________________.
Unicellular – single celled organisms (amoeba, paramecium)
Multicellular – have more than 1 cell; may be only a few (vorticella), or many trillions of cells
(humans). Almost all structures in multi-celled organisms are made of or by cells.
2. _______________________________________________________.
Everything you do is the result of the work of your cells – walking, talking, even thinking and
feeling. When you get sick, it is because your cells are not working correctly.
3. ________________________________________________________.
This seems obvious now, but at one time people believed in spontaneous generation, the
idea that living things regularly emerged from nonliving things.
III. Organization
___________– A cell part
___________– A group of specialized cells
___________– Group of tissues that work together
___________– Group of organs that work together
Word Bank:
All life functions are the result of the cell activities
All cells come from pre-existing cells.
All organisms are made of one or more cells
basic unit of structure and function in an organism
IV. Cell Organelles: These are the tiny cell parts that make up a cell.
1. _________________
 Controls the cell.
 Contains __________material (chromosomes, genes, DNA).
2. _________________
 Helps transport material.
3. _________________
 Carries out cellular respiration.
 Gives cell energy (Powerhouse of the cell).
4. __________________
 Makes proteins from amino acids.
5. __________________
 Stores food, water and waste.
 Waste vacuoles may excrete waste out the cell membrane.
6. __________________
 Carries out photosynthesis
7. __________________
 Gives shape, structure and protection.
 NEVER found in animal cells.
8. ___________________
 Separates cell interior from environment.
 Controls what enters and leaves the cell using_______________.
Word Bank:
cell-membrane vacuole