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Cell Theory:
Cells-basic unit of Life
Notes # 1
Cell Theory
All living things are made of one or more
 The cell is the most basic unit of life
 All cells came from other cells
All living things are made of cells
Some organisms consist of only one cell
 These are called unicellular or single celled
 Other organisms are made of many cells
 They are multicellular
 We are multicellular organisms
Requirements for Living things
All living things need food and water
 They need a way to dispose of waste
 They need to reproduce and create more
 They need an environment that is suited
to their survival.
Unit Vocabulary
1. Cells-smallest unit of life
 2. Organelle-tiny structures inside cells
that perform specific functions
 3. Cell membrane- outside covering of
cells; controls what goes in and out of a
 4. Cytoplasm-gel-like fluid inside cells
 5. Nucleus-control center of the cell
 6. DNA-genetic material of an organism
Unit vocab continued
7. Chloroplast-large, green structures in a
plant cell that make food by performing
 8. Vacuole- storage area of the cell
 9. Mitochondria- powerhouse of the cell; uses
oxygen to release energy from food by
cellular respiration
 10. Cell wall-rigid layer of cellulose that
surrounds plant cells to provide extra support
and shape