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A domain in the 3 domain
system which includes the
Eubacteria groups of organisms.
A key that is used to examine
characteristics of organisms to
help classify them by process of
All multicellular, heterotrophic
organism which have no cell
wall, only a cell membrane and
sexually reproduce.
All multicellular, autotrophic
organisms which have a cell wall
compose of cellulose and sexually
and asexually reproduce.
Mostly unicellular with a few
multicellular organisms and is
often called the catch all
kingdom because it takes all
things not in the other
Bacteria which have
peptidoglycan in their cell wall
composition and many are the
disease causing bacteria within
groups of organisms.
This group is mostly
multicellular with a few
unicellular, heterotrophic
organisms with chitin for a cell
Bacteria which live in very
harsh, extreme environmental
conditions and lack
peptidoglycan in their cell wall.