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What is life?
Seven Characteristics of Living
All living things are made of cells
Cells are the smallest living unit
Organisms can be
Single celled (unicellular)
Example: bacteria
Example: Humans
All living things use energy
All organisms do chemical reactions to stay alive- aka
Plants create their own energy through photosynthesis
Animals get energy from other organisms
All living things maintain a stable internal
Maintaining a stable internal
environment is HOMEOSTASIS
Example: warm blooded
organisms maintain stable
internal temperature by
All living things must respond to their external
Living things respond to immediate and long term changes
in their environment
Example: humans shiver when cold, animals may change fur
color, plants bend toward light
All living things reproduce
Living things must be able to make more of their own kind
Reproduction is essential for a species to survive
Can be
All living things grow or develop
Living things grow bigger
Growing means they must add more cells
Living things also develop
Means they mature
All living things have DNA
DNA provides instructions for making an organism
DNA carries the genetic material from parents to the offspring
This allows organisms to pass traits to their offspring-- heredity