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The Cell Theory
• 1838- Mattias Schleiden concluded that
all plants are made of cells
• 1839- Theodore Schwann determined
that animals are made of cells
• 1858-Rudolph Virchow discovered that
all cells come from other cells
Three Parts of the Cell Theory
1. All living things are made
of one or more cells
2. Cells are the basic unit of
structure and function in
3. All cells arise from existing
Cell Size
•Small cells function
more efficiently than
large cells
•Why? Small cells can
exchange substances
with their
environment faster
because small objects
have a larger surface
area to volume ratio
than large objects
Cell Types
•Prokaryotes-(bacteria and
archeabacteria)single celled
organisms, lack a nucleus, little
internal structure, simple and
small, the only organisms on
Earth for 2 billion years
•Eukaryotes-(plants, animals,
fungi, protists)organisms whose
cells have a nucleus and internal
structures, single celled and
multicelled, evolved 2.5 billion
years ago, large and complex
Prokaryote and Eukaryote