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Cell Travel Brochure
Name:_______________________________________ Period:__________
Due Date October 21, 2016 (This Friday)
Learning Goal: Compare plant and animal cells.
You will produce a travel brochure that describes a plant or animal cell as if it were a large amusement
park or attraction. Examples could be (but not limited to) a: Luxury hotel, Ski resort, Amusement park,
Museum, Hall of Fame, etc.
Your purpose will be to attract tourist to spend money while they visit your animal or plant cell
attraction. In doing such, you must accurately describe and draw (you may use images from the
internet), and explain the functions of the following 10 organelles from either a:
Plant Cell
Nucleus, Endoplasmic Reticulum, Ribosomes, Golgi Apparatus, Cell membrane, Mitochondria,
Chloroplast, Cell Wall, Central Vacuole, and Cytoplasm.
Animal Cell
Nucleus, Endoplasmic Reticulum, Ribosomes, Golgi Apparatus, Cell membrane, Mitochondria,
Cytoskeleton, Lysosomes, Vacuoles, and Cytoplasm.
The Amazing CellTravel Brochure Requirements:
1. Brochure must fit a standard size of paper (8 ½ x 11) that will be folded into different sections.
(You may have multiple pages attached.)
2. 2. You must describe the structure and function of the 10 cell organelles using creative and
humorous analogies based on what the structure/part/process would be at your attraction. The
function of the structure/ part/process of your attraction and the comparison to the organelle it
represents must be clearly described in 1-3sentences.
Don't simply state the function of the part. Be creative!
“While staying at our resort, please remember to tip our Lysosome ladies generously. They are the best
cleanup crew around. They use special digestive enzyme cleaning agents to destroy any dirt or grime!”
3. Every structure/object and the organelle it represents must have a drawing or graphic. You may
hand draw, use the internet, or use cutouts from magazines.
4. The brochure must be colorful, neat and easy to read. You want this to look professional. Your goal is
to make this as attractive to tourists as possible, while remaining accurate. Information must be typed
or written in blue or black ink.
5. You must use correct spelling and grammar throughout the project. An exception might be if you alter
the name of a cell part slightly for creative purposes. Example: Lysoman = Lysosome.
6. The front cover of the brochure should include the name of your cell and a graphic of your choice. It
should be attractive and eye catching. The back cover should have a map (a labeled diagram of the cell
you are representing) and fictional directions to your cell.
This project will be worth 150 points.
The brochure has a title that tells what the attraction is: 0pts. 10pts.
Brochure has graphics for the 10 structures (5 for each structure): 0pts. 50pts.
Brochure is neat, typed, written in blue or black ink, pencil: 0pts. 20pts.
Brochure correctly describes 10 attractions and relates to an organelle 0pts. 50pts. (5 for each
Brochure includes the correct organelles for the plant or animal cell: 0pts. 10pts. Written using
complete sentences and make sense: 0pts. 10pts.