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Protein Gummies with SOLUGEL®
The same great taste...
... 3 times more collagen protein!
Great taste with more than 20%
collagen protein in each gummy
Triple your gummies’ protein content with SOLUGEL®!
The traditional gummy bear contains around 6g of protein per
100g, entirely from its gelatin content.
With SOLUGEL®, it is now possible to create a gummy rich in
collagen protein that looks and tastes like any other gelatin
gummy, but contains more than 20g of protein per 100g. This
allows gummies to keep their same great taste, while offering 3
times more collagen protein content than before!
Go for proteins!
Proteins are essential nutrients for the human body. Amino acids, the
building blocks of proteins, are not only used for building tissue and
muscle, but also for repairing damaged tissue, regulating your metabolism
and supporting other bodily functions. Proteins also provide a source of
energy for exercise and your daily activities.
Nutritional value (per 100g / 3.5 oz)
(of which sugars)
(of which SOLUGEL®)
61g (61g)
21g (15g)
SOLUGEL® collagen peptide supports bone & joint health, promotes beauty
and is a useful ingredient in sports nutrition. Please consult PB Leiner’s
SOLUGEL® specific brochures for more info on this amazing product.
SOLUGEL® has a high collagen protein content* and allows you to increase the protein content
of your formulations.
• Neutral in odor and flavor
• Free from gluten
• Non-allergenic
• Free from additives &
• Clear in solution
• Free from fat & cholesterol
• Free from sugars
* >97% on dry substance
• Highly digestible
• FDA approved & GRAS
• Halal & kosher available
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