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Prokaryotic Cell Eukaryotic Cell
Animal Cell
Plant Cell
Part I
1. Lay out the pieces on your desk.
2. Determine which words should match with which
3. Place them over the pictures.
4. Once you have done this, raise your hand so your
teacher can come check your work.
Part II
1. Using a Dry Erase marker, place your pieces on your
desk and label the different parts of EACH cell. (you
may write on your desk) DO NOT WRITE ON THE
PIECES! OR Use the individual pieces to label some
of the parts.
2. Label as many parts as you can, including but not
limited to organelles, cell walls, and genetic material
(if present).
Part III
1. Using the words written on your (all the parts you
labeled), match the functions to the organelles.
2. Once finished, switch places with another student in
the class and check each others work.
3. If you think it is correct after the other student has
checked it, call your teacher over to check it.
Organelle that makes the energy molecule ATP
Cell Membrane
Thin flexible barrier around a cell; regulates what
enters and leaves the cell
Cell Wall
Layer of cellulose outside of the membrane in plants,
algae, and some bacteria
Golgi Apparatus
Place in the cell in which enzymes attach
carbohydrates and lipids and check proteins, flatten
stack of membranes
Nuclear Envelope
Membrane that surrounds the nucleus
Type of cell that does not contain organelles
Term for all specialized structures in a cell that
perform certain functions within a eukaryotic cell
Organelle where proteins are assembled
Endoplasmic Reticulum
Internal membrane system, place where proteins are
checked and changed; ribosomes can be stuck to the
Organelle that stores materials such as salt, proteins,
and carbohydrates
Organelles in plants and some other organisms where
photosynthesis takes place
Organelle where molecules are broken down and
recycled by enzymes
Structure within a cell that contains the DNA and the
place where ribosomes are made
Everything in the cell except the nucleus
Place within the nucleus where ribosomes are made