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1. Know stages of Mitosis and what happens in each phase
2. Passive and Active Transport
3. Diffusion, Osmosis
4. Functions of the cell membrane
5. Differences between plant and animal cells
6. What causes cells to stop growing when grown in a petri dish?
7. Cell organelle responsible for photosynthesis
8. Vascular vs. Nonvascular plants
9. How do angiosperms differ from gymnosperms?
10. Know importance of meiosis
11. Functions of xylem and phloem
12. Describe the type of seed that would be dispersed by wind? insects? water?
13. What is the equation for photosynthesis? Where does it occur?
14. Levels of cell organization and define each.
14. What is chlorophyll?
15. Autotroph vs. Heterotroph
16. What are the functions of nucleic acids, proteins, carbohydrates, lipids?
17. Where are proteins produced in the cell ?
18. What do fern and cone-bearing plants have in common?
19. What happens to plant cells placed in salt water?
20. A cell has 10 chromosomes. How many chromosomes will the 2 daughter cells have
after mitosis and cytokinesis?