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Botany Study Guide Chapter 10
Cell Growth & Division
1. As a cell becomes larger, its ______increases faster than its _______
2. Cell growth can cause problems for cells such as: ______ overload, obtaining enough
______________, & expelling _________.
3. How do cells solve the problem of cell growth?
4. Cell division provides each daughter cell with its own copy of _______.
5. Cell division increases the _______ _________ of the original cell.
6. Cell division reduces the original cell’s _________________.
7. During the cell cycle, chromosomes are only visible during the ______ phase.
8. What happens in the following phases:
a. G1 phaseb. G2 phasec. S Phased. M Phase9. When during the cell cycle is a cell’s DNA replicated?
10. The cell grows during ____________________.
11. _________________ is the phase of mitosis where the chromosomes line up along the
middle of the dividing cell.
12. LIST & DESCRIBE the phases of mitosis in their proper sequence.
13. What is the role of the SPINDLE during mitosis?
14. What stops NORMAL cells from growing?
15. The two main stages of cell division are called __________ & _________________.
16. ______________ are a family of closely related proteins that regulate the cell cycle.
17. What is cancer?
18. The larger a cell becomes, the _____ efficiently it is able to function.
19. Before a normal cell becomes too large to carry out normal activities, it will usually
divide to form two _____________ cells.
20. Proteins that regulate the cell cycle based on events inside the cell are called
_________ regulators.
21. In all forms of ______, certain cells fail to respond to the signals that regulates the cell
cycle of most cells.
22. Why are chromosomes NOT visible in most cells EXCEPT during cell division?
23. From a diagram, be able to distinguish a plant cell from a cell…AND be able to
explain the differences that allow you to know this (refer to Chapter 7!);
24. Be able to label and describe the main events of the cell cycle. (Page 245 figure 10-4)
25. Be able to tell what chromosomes are from a diagram of a cell that is dividing…& be
able to tell HOW MANY chromosomes are in each cell. (See page 246 for an example)
26. Be able to recognize the stages of mitosis. (page 246 figure 10-5)
27. You will have a plant cell diagram…be able to label the parts that are found ONLY in
plant cells and only in PLANT CELL DIVISION…(page 248 figure 10-6)