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Chapter 15 Outline
Genes and How They Work
Advanced Placement Biology
Roslyn High School
The Central Dogma Traces The Flow Of Gene-Encoded Information.
How Do Cells Use RNA To Make Protein?
What Are The Different Kinds Of RNA?
What Is The Central Dogma?
What Is The General Overview Of Transcription?
What Is The General Overview Of Translation?
Genes Encode Information In Three-Nucleotide Code Words.
What Is The Genetic Code?
How Was It Proved That Code Words Have Only Three Letters?
How Was The Genetic Code Broken?
Why Is The Code Practically Universal?
Why “But Not Quite”?
Genes Are First Transcribed, Then Translated.
How Does Transcription Take Place In Prokaryotes?
How Does RNA Polymerase Function?
How Does A Promoter Function?
How Does Initiation Begin?
How Does Elongation Occur?
How Does Termination Take Place?
How Does Transcription Take Place In Eukaryotes?
Why Are Multiple RNA Polymerases Used?
How Does The Promoter Function?
How Does Initiation Take Place?
Which Posttranscriptional Modifications Take Place?
What Is Translation?
How Are Enzymes Activated?
What Are The “Start” And “Stop” Signals?
How Does Initiation Take Place?
How Does Elongation Occur?
What Is Translocation?
How Does Termination Occur?
Eukaryotic Gene Transcripts Are Spliced.
How Were Introns Discovered?
How Is RNA Spliced?
What Are Some Alternatives To Splicing?
How Are Eukaryotic Gene Expression And Prokaryotic Gene Expression Different?