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Creative Multiple Intelligence Activities
Instructions: Choose one of the creative activities listed below to show off you creativity, while proving
your understanding of either the plant cell or animal cell. You must meet the criteria as stated in each of
the projects. Good luck and have a great time.
Modeling: Activity One
Build or design a 3-D model of either the plant cell or animal cell.
Include the parts or organelles. Organelles must be identified
Create a key to identify parts.
Modeling: Activity Two
Make an animal or plant cell cartoon.
Use any information form the systems lessons.
Make the analogy between the real-world and the cell world.
Make sure the analogy is appropriate- that it makes sense.
The cartoon should be drawn and colored on a single sheet of unlined paper.
Creative Writing: Activity Three
1. Write a story about a particular part of an animal or plant cell – this will be the main character. For
example the cell wall could be the main character in the plant cell .
2. Your story should have a conflict between your main character and the another functioning parts of
the cell. The problem should be resolved by the end of the story.
3. The story must be accurate in its represented in either the plant or animal cell.
4. Be creative- keep your reader’s attention by developing your characters by using humor. Lots and
lots of humor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Creative Writing: Activity Four
Write a song about a particular part of either the plant or animal cell.
Your song should have an emotional attachment like most songs do today.
You can write any style of song as long as it is accurate and appropriate.
Your song can have a tone that is happy, sad, or funny.
Make sure you have a beat for the song- for example you may use old Mac Donald had a farm as
the tempo for your song.
Be creative- keep your audience attention and have them join you in the song.
Creative Activity: Power Point
Create a power point presentation highlighting all of the important features of either a plant cell
or animal cell.
Your power point should have lots of visuals (indicate site location of images)
Your information used in the power point should be brief, paraphrased and factual. Do not use
the paragraph format. Use just the facts; be basic and straight to the point. Pretend you are
presenting your power point to a grade 3 class. Use language you understand.