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My Song
A brief introduction of Tagore
• Rabindranath Tagore (7 May 1861 – 7 August
1941),sobriquet Gurudev, was a Bengali
polymath. As a poet, novelist, musician, and
playwright, he reshaped Bengali literature and
music in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.
As author of Gitanjali and its "profoundly
sensitive, fresh and beautiful verse",he became
Asia's first Nobel laureate by winning the 1913
Nobel Prize in Literature.
The Furthest Distance in the world
The furthest distance in the world
Is not between life and death
But when I stand in front of you
Yet you don't know that I love you.
The furthest distance in the world
Is not when I stand in front of you
Yet you can't see my love
But when undoubtly knowing the love from both
Yet cannot be together.
The furthest distance in the world
Is not being apart while being in love
But when I plainly cannot resist the yearning
Yet pretending you have never been in my heart.
The furthest distance in the world
Is not struggling against the tides
But using one's indifferent heart
To dig an uncrossable river
For the one who loves you .
Stray birds
If you shed tears when you miss the sun, you also miss the stars.
I cannot chose the best. The best chooses me.
What you are you do not see, what you see is your shadow.
They throw their shadows before them who carry their lantern on their back.
"We, the rusting leaves, have a voice that answers the storms, but who are you, so
silent?" – "I am a mere flower."
Man is a born child, his power is the power of growth.
O Beauty, find thyself in love, not in the flattery of thy mirror.
Life finds its wealth by the claims of the world, and its worth by the claims of love.
Do not blame your food because you have no appetite.
He has made his weapons his gods. When his weapons win he is defeated himself.
God finds himself by creating.
The stars are not afraid to appear like fireflies.
The mind sharp, but not broad, sticks at every point but does not move.
Your idol is shuttered in the dust to prove that God's dust is greater that your idol.
My song
This song of mine will wind its
music around you, my child, like
the fond arms of love.
The song of mine will touch your
forehead like a kiss of blessing.
• When you are alone it will sit by
your side and whisper in your ear,
when you are in the crowd it will
fence you about with aloofness.
• My song will be like a pair of
wings to your dreams, it will
transport your heart to the verge
of the unknown.
• It will be like the faithful star
overhead when dark night is over
your road.
• My song will sit in the pupils of your eyes,
and will carry your sight into the heart of
things. And when my voice is silenced in
death, my song will speak in your living