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Luo 伯 especially.the comfortable 曼 (the Robert
Schumann,1810-1856),well-known musician in
Germany, reared the various artistic talent of
music,verse,drama...etc. since childhood.Learn
the law first,but still learn music perseveringly,to
go to become the pianist that the region is
second to none.
1830 started the career of the
musician formally.Because being
eager to beg,the handle knob
points to practice bad,turn and
work on music creations and
comment on.He is mature period one
of the representative of romantic
doctrine music,the hot liver
sensitive of the born nature,and
have the democratism thought.
Established in 1834 《new music magazine 》,promoted the
development of romantic art towards changing at that time the
outworn music air,,there is important function.
Make to have many novel and special piano a song as 《
butterfly 》,《carnival 》,《hand over to ring to practice the
song 》,《the fantasia gathers 》etc.,promoted the
development of the romantic doctrine music style.Pull with
wife's carat of combine,BE always spread by person for the
instructive anecdote,and urge it to create the hot liver and
unprecedented upsurge.
Wrote 138 songs in 1840,be called"the song text 萃 ".Have most
well-knownly:The song gathers 《the peach gold 娘》,《the poet
loves 》,《the love of the women and life 》etc..The empress wrote
down the four-part symphony again,and 《the a song piano concerto
》,《the virtuous overture of the thunder of 曼弗》the outstanding
work of etc..
The art song is called the Lieder in Germany,being
called the Melodie(or Chanson) art song and the folk
song dissimilarity in France,usually all hasing the
assurance to hold to take the poem that elder brother
author holds much the long adoption poet of having the
high literature to be the phrase to accompany the part to
also all release the word composer's hand and not a folk
song that issues usually all by the performer jam session
and become although the creations of this kind of type
of the art song already a long time possess the
composer's comfortable 伯 that king's good reputation
of the art song gets the 澳 country till 19 centuries
especially(Schubert.F.,1797~1828)the creations of an art
song just starts to be widely accepted after laying
perfect foundation in addition to comfortable 伯 ising
especially the comfortable 曼
(Germany,Schumann,R.,1818~1856),the cloth pulls the
姆斯 (Germany,Brahms,J.,1833~1897),fertile 爾
man(Austria,Wolf,H.,1860~1903),MA3 LEI
(Austria,Mahler,G.,1861~1911)the summer of reason is
virtuous.the history is the 勞斯 especially(Strauss,
R.,1864~1949),佛瑞 (France,Faure,the
G.1845~1924),virtuous Bush(France,Debussy,
C.,1862~1918)of all have many excellent art works in
the work.