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Music and Censorship
How music effects people’s lives.
Why is music ever banned?
 The Taliban banned music – as soon as
they left Afghanistan the first thing
people heard was music in the streets!
 TV sometimes bans music – especially
programmes like TOTP.
 Parents can ban music sometimes if
they don’t like the sound of it/look of the
But why?
 On a piece of paper, write up your top 10
list of songs. Bring in a copy of your No.1
song next lesson if you can.
 For your No.1, explain exactly why you
have chosen it.
 Look up the No.1 single on the day you
were born and listen to it if you can! Do
you like the song?
Lived in Russia during the communist era.
 Composer of music for orchestra mostly.
 Communicated to the Russian people using
his music, but it was very risky!
Listening: Symphony No5.
1. How does the music make you feel?
2. Does it sound happy/sad? How would you
describe it?
Nina Simone
 Lived in America during the reign of the
Klu Klux Klan.
 Wrote and sang about the problems of
her people living with racism.
Listening: Why?
1. How does it make you feel?
2. What do you think of the performance?
Can you think of any other
 Reggae and Bob Marley about Jamaica
 911/ Black Eyed Peas “Where is the
How does this picture make
you feel?
 Write down some words in your group as
to how you feel looking at this picture.
How could you put your
feelings to music?
 Sounds
 Instruments
 Tempo