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AP World History
China: Song Empire (960-1279)
Use the website below to learn about the Song Dynasty. Answer the questions carefully.
You will arrive at "Life in the Song Seen Through a 12th-Century Scroll"
1. What are the advantages of growing rice?
2. What impact does rice cultivation have on the population? Why?
3. How does mass production of books change Chinese life?
4. What inventions changed seas travel?
5. List the weapons developed using gunpowder.
6. A river runs nearly the length of the entire scroll. What is the importance of water
7. What were the benefits of paper money? What was the response of the West?
8. How were Song cities similar and different from the cities of previous dynasties?
9. Why was Confucianism so important to Chinese society and government?
10. What is the impact of woodblock printing?
11. In what ways did the status of women improve or decline?