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Vocabulary Units 6-15
Spotify Project
In the first vocabulary project, you visualized the meaning of words by finding or creating a representative
image. For this final project, you will represent the meaning of words through song. In this way, you will
further learn how to view words and art abstractly and analytically. Furthermore, I hope that you will find new
and interesting music and also share interesting music with me.
1. Go to and create a free account.
2. Explore this free service that allows you to search and listen to almost any music you can think of.
3. Begin to think of, discover, and search for songs that you think represent or display the meanings of
10 words from vocabulary units 6-15 (one song per word).
4. Add the songs to a playlist that you will create and then share with me. Do NOT download the songs,
burn them onto a disc, or save them onto anything except the Spotify playlist.
5. Type a very brief (approximately one paragraph per song) explanation of how each song represents
the meaning of the vocabulary word. You will submit this part to Turnitin.
The song must represent the meaning of the word. (You must know the word and precisely what it
means and how it is properly used, and then analyze the song accordingly.) Simply putting a song on
the playlist that mentions the word or uses it in the title is NOT acceptable.
You may not use any song that has explicit language or content. This means no curses and no sexual,
violent, racist, sexist, or derogatory language or themes. If you are not sure, do not use it. Use your
sense. Any questionable or explicit content will result in a zero for the project, an Honor Code
violation, and will be immediately reported to the Deans.
Due: You must share the playlist with me and submit the written component no later than
Monday, 2 June.
Worth: 100 points