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Music Assessment
Katie- myp2 school
Table of contents- page 1 analysis of song (Don’t wanna go home)
Page 2 link to DW
Music Assessment- Analysis
Genre- Electro pop
Artist- Jason Derulo also the singer (musician)
MELODYOf what I hear and observe I think the tonality would be major because during the song the scale changes from
large to big; leaving you thinking that different pitches and tune arrangements is major. I think it is easy to gather
as it’s going from one small pitch to another leaving a musical melody. As for the range I think it is moderate
because for the majority of the song Jason Derulo hits high notes and pitches, although in the beginning you begin
to take account of high quiet he songs but during the next 30 seconds he sings some fabulous notes, leaving you
amused. I think the notes are step by step staying at the same pace. This song shows clearly how it continues the
same each time, allowing you to clap along, leaving no big leaps.
RHYTHMThe song shows each time : when it goes back to the chorus that it is quadruple as you count in your head 4 beats
hit per bar ( per lyrical sentence). Also the song lets the rhythm become even more apparent as the song has a very
syncopated musical element as each chorus the lyrics are very identifiable through each main beat, although
there are different rhythms so you may come to a opinion that I is polyrhythmic as there is a Caribbean vibe/
modern touch.
TEMPOI think that the song is moderate because at some points the song is slow and then usually during the chorus it
become faster and then once again slows down. I think the song is steady although part of the description is
moderate, I think it is steady because you can sing along, without being disrupted because the speed stays the
same varying but not in big leaps in steady small leaps. The word accelerating helps describe as I previously said at
some point it speeds up ; but decelerating at one point so it’s also moderate for both different descriptions of
DYNAMICSI think the song is Crescendo as it is obvious when the songs gradually gets louder. Although in the beginning
changes are sudden, leading observers wanting to learn more and have a even bigger over view of the dynamics
and there are sudden steady changes that leaves the question of the changes will be more visible the longer the
song gets.
INSTRUMENTATIONIt’s quite fascinating the instrumentation of this song. In the beginning you think the songs is wonderfully equipped
with nice vibrant instruments but you notice that the song has computer generated instruments, this is definable
because you can hear clearly squeaky sounds and pitches. I think the instrumentation is Melodic as you can go
along with it and have a clear vision of what kind of modern instruments are going to be played next, although it is
computerized it is quite simple to understand the melodic side of the instrumentation, which leaves a very high
tech, and American feel, leading back to my culture!
HARMONY- The harmony of this song is steady as the pitches stay the same and never go higher then you expect. I
think that the main part of the harmony of this song would have to be the ‘vertical’ aspect which I have heard
about. I think it is vertical because of the notes, pitches and chords of the instruments (the auto sound) because
they in a way go of hugher instead go lower, which I find fascinating.
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