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Cell parts POP QUIZ
 1.______ ______
Rigid layer of nonliving
material that surrounds
plant cells. Supports and
protects the cell. Found
only in plant cells
 __________
2. _____ __________
Forms a boundary that
separates the cell from
its environment. It
controls what comes in
and out of the cell. In
both plant and animal
 ____ _____
3. ___________:
Acts as the brain of the cell,
acts as the control center,
directs all the cells
4. _________:
The area between the
cell membrane and
the nucleus. It is clear,
thick gel-like fluid.
Constantly moving.
5. ___________:
The powerhouse of the
cell. They produce
energy for the cell.
6. __________
_________ :
Made up of a system of
passageways. Delivers
materials from one
side of the cell to
another. Like UPS or
Fed Ex mail delivery
7. __________:
Little factories that make
proteins. Some are
attached to
endoplasmic reticulum
(ER), others are found
in the cytoplasm
8. __________:
Only in plant cells.
Capture energy from
sunlight and makes
food for the cell. Green
in color
9. ____________:
Storage area for the cell,
like food & water.
Plants have large -------, animals have lots of
small ----------.
10. __________:
Small round structures
that contain chemicals
that break down food
11. ________ is the movement of materials
from an area of high concentration to an
area of low concentration.
12.What is the diffusion of Water called?
13. These package or wrap up materials for
the Cell ______ _______.
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