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Your Name ______________
Super 09 September 2016
1. (12 pts) Match the following cell terms to the description or job that best describes each:
___ mitochondria
e. turn sunlight into food (sugar)
___ golgi bodies
z. only found in plant cells, give the cell structure
___ chloroplasts
y. the “highway” and the “assembly line”
___ nucleus
s. lets stuff in and out of a cell
___ cell membrane
p. breaks down or oxidizes fatty acids or wastes
___ peroxisomes
i. fills the cell and protects most of the organelles
___ vacuoles
x. produces ribosomes and holds cell’s blue prints or DNA
___ cytoplasm
u. burns food and turns it into energy
___ lysosomes
a. package wastes for removal from the cell
___ endoplasmic reticulum
d. the control center of a cell
___ nucleolus
o. are much bigger in plant cells than in animal cells
___ cell wall
c. starts digestion of cell foods
2. (4 pts.) Write a claim, evidence, and at least two examples of that evidence that expresses
who is the most charitable or noble character in David Lubar’s “Bread on the Water.” Use the
words “because” between your claim and evidence and the phrase “for example” between
your evidence and examples.
3. (4 pts.) The differences between Matt and Maria in The House of the Scorpion are much like
the differences between plant and animal cells. Fill in the missing blanks below with either the
word “plant” or “animal” then fully describe (using complete sentences) why you paired each
character with each type of cell. Your description should include the three major
differences between plant and animal cells that we discussed this week.
Matt is more like a
(choose one – “plant” or “animal”)
___________________ cell because
Maria is more like a
(choose the other – “plant” or “animal”)
_______________________ cell because