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Unit 1 - Comparing Different Economies
Directions: Either on your own or with a partner, complete the tasks listed below. Essentially, you will be
researching the economic systems of the United States, France and North Korea. You will be researching,
comparing and analyzing the differences between their economic systems.
Create a Google Slides presentation about these countries. When finished, share the document with your
teacher. Use your last name(s) as the title.
Information to Include for Each Country
Type of economy – provide support for your answer
Location – How does the geography influence the economy? (May have to discuss regional differences)
Major industries/production
Primary exports and primary imports
GDP – overall and per capita
Wealth distribution (poverty level, income gaps, etc.)
How the essential economic questions are answered
Role of the government in the economy – what areas of involvement
o Regulation?
o Totally control?
o Hands-off?
Each content slide that you create must have a comparison of above information for all three countries (read:
you will have one slide for “Location” that discusses all three countries)
After completing the comparative information, write an analysis about these types of economies. Based on what
you have learned, which country’s economy appears the strongest? Why? Explain if this strength is rooted in the
economic system utilized in that country. Be sure to reference the specific data and information to support your
Bibliographic Information
Include a slide with bibliographic information for the sources of your information. Use MLA style citation. For
help – go to
Helpful Resources: CIA World Factbook, InfoOhio, Economic Freedom Index
Grading – 15 pts. total
General Economic Information: 8 pts. (1 point per slide)
Analysis: 5 pts.
Bibliographic Info: 2 pts.