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Cell Vocabulary
1. Cells: The smallest part of a living thing that
carries out actions that keeps the living thing
alive. It is the basic building block of all living
2. Cell Membrane: Provides a barrier between the
cell and its surroundings; has pores that allow
proteins and other materials come in and out of
3. Cell Wall: Gives the plant cells a rigid
4. Cytoplasm: Jelly-like fluid inside a cell.
5. Organelle: Structures inside the cell that
carry out the cell's functions to keep the cell alive;
"little organ".
6. Nucleus: This controls the cell's actions. It is
the cell's command center.
7. Mitochondria: The organelles in a cell that
convert food into energy.
8. Vacuoles: Places to store supplies like water
and food, until it is needed.
9. Chloroplasts: This allows plants to make their
own food.
10. DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid): The genetic
material that lets cells make more of themselves
and pass on their traits to new cells.