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a possible explanation or answer to a scientific question.
a series of steps scientists use to answer or solve a problem.
the factor in a controlled experiment that can change.
a hypothesis that has been supported by many experiments
an experiment that tests only one variable at a time.
the maintenance of a stable internal environment.
found in all the cells of all living things, the blueprint for life, is the instructions for proteins
a single parent produces offspring that are identical to the parent.
a membrane covered structure that contains all of the materials necessary for life.
the arrangement of organisms into orderly groups based on their similarities.
the science of identifying, classifying and naming living things.
a cell with no nucleus, a bacterial cell.
a tool used to identify unknown organisms
the diffusion of water.
the smallest and simplest organisms on the planet.
the movement of molecules from an area of high to lower concentration
simple cell division used by bacteria, one cell divides into two new, identical cells.
Scientific Method
Unit 1 Vocabulary
Flip Chart
Controlled experiment
Asexual reproduction
Prokaryotic cells
Dichotomous key
Binary fission