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All About Cells
Cell Basics
All living things are made up of cells
There are millions of cells in your body
New cells are constantly growing to replace
old cells
Cells in our body have many different jobs,
but they all contain similar parts called
Animal and plant cells are similar, but contain
a few different parts
Parts of a Cell
We are going to focus on a few major parts of a cell
Cell membrane
Gel-like material inside the cell that contains water and
Surrounds the cell and allows only certain materials to
move into or out of the cell
Contains chromosomes with the DNA and directs cell
Nuclear membrane
Separates the nucleus from the cytoplasm
Parts of a Cell
Endoplasmic Reticulum
 Moves materials around in the cell
 Rough ER is covered with ribosomes, smooth ER is not
 Make protein for the cell
Golgi Bodies
 Used for packaging and secreting of energy
 Break down food and release energy to the cell
Contain chemicals used to digest waste
 Storage areas for the cell
Unique Parts of a Plant Cell
Plant cells contain a few organelles that are
not found in animal cells
Cell Wall
A rigid membrane that surrounds a plant cell and
provides structure
Contain chlorophyll that makes food for the plant
cell through photosynthesis
Abnormal Cells
Your cells are constantly growing and dividing
Sometimes, something goes wrong with growing
cells and a mutation will occur
Cancer cells are simply normal cells that have
stopped listening to your body
For example, they might start to divide too fast or fail to die
when they should
Cancer cells can get in the way of healthy cells and prevent
them from doing their job
There are many different types of cancer
Skin, lung, blood cell cancer, and more
Edible Cells
Today, you are going to create a model of a
cell…that you can eat!
You can choose to make an animal cell or a
plant cell