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Cells Crossword
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2. Gel-like substance that surrounds the organelles.
4. The cell's protein factories.
5. The brain or "control center" of the cell.
7. Packages and ships proteins made by the ribosomes.
8. The "powerhouse" of the cell and where cellular respiration takes place.
9. A storage area in a cell.
10. Provides support and protection for plant cells.
11. Type of cell that has a true nucleus and is found in humans and most other
multicellular organisms.
13. Chromosomes are made of this.
14. Means "little organ".
15. Provides a place for the ribosomes to attach and make their proteins.
1. These help digest food and recycle dead cell structures.
3. The very first type of cell on Earth that lacks a true nucleus.
6. This regulates the passage of material into and out of the cell.
12. These are used in photosynthesis and only plant cells have them.