Download Science 10 Assignment U3L6 (20 marks)

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Science 10 Assignment U3L6 (20 marks)
1. Define the following terms : (3 marks)
a) surface area
b) volume
c) surface area to volume area
2. As a cell gets larger, how does its surface area to volume ratio change ? (1
3. what is the limiting factor when it comes to the size of a cell ? Explain. (2
4. As the cell grows larger and increases in volume, will it need more or less cell
membrane to survive ? Explain (2 marks)
5. How does the surface area to volume ratio of a cell affect the rate of diffusion
of materials across the cell’s surface ? (1 mark)
6. What determines the size and shape of cells in multicellular organisms ? (2
7. A cell have the dimensions of 2um x 2 um x 3 um. Determine the surface area,
volume and surface area to volume ratio of the cell. Show all of your work (9